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An important part of the transaction processing flow for your customer is the 3-D Secure (3DS). There is no effort for you involved, except having 3DS active on all your card payment methods, and we will take care of everything necessary

Following the introduction of 3DSv2 , new rules apply. Although we collect all relevant data for you during the payment process, you can still make the 3DSv2 approach to risk evaluation more effective. You can achieve this by sending additional parameters along with the transaction.

Have a look on the recommended and optional parameters for a typical transaction request.

Exclusions and exemptions for 3DSv2

Some transactions are excluded from PSD2. If any of your transactions are among them, 3-D Secure will not be rolled out.

Frictionless / challenge flow and indication of preferred flow

You can enhance the chance of skipping SCA (resulting in a frictionless flow) by sending the following parameter.

The below parameters are Mandatory (in case for a preference for a specific flow).

Parameter Values

Data Type: String
Values accepted:
Possible values:

  • no-preference - You have no preference whether to challenge the customer or not (default)
  • no-challenge-requested - you prefer the cardholder not to be challenged
  • challenge-requested - you prefer the customer to be challenged
  • challenge-required - you require the customer to be challenged
  • no-challenge-requested-risk-analysis-performed – letting the issuer know that you have already assessed the transaction with fraud prevention tool
  • no-challenge-requested-data-share-only – sharing data only with the DS
  • no-challenge-requested-consumer-authentication-performed – authentication already happened at your side – when login in to your website
  • no-challenge-requested-use-whitelist-exemption – cardholder has whitelisted you at with the issuer
  • challenge-requested-whitelist-prompt-requested – cardholder is trying to whitelist you
  • request-scoring-without-connecting-to-acs – sending information to CB DS for a fraud scoring

You can even increase the chance of a frictionless flow and a higher conversion rate by sending more optional parameters.

Exemptions of 3-D secure

To skip 3-D secure altogether, send the following parameters:

Parameter Values

Data Type: Boolean
Values accepted:

Possible values:

  • true: 3D Secure authentication will be skipped for this transaction. This setting should be used when isRecurring is set to true and recurringPaymentSequenceIndicator is set to recurring.
  • false: 3D Secure authentication will not be skipped for this transaction

This is option is only available if your account in our system is setup for 3-D secure


Data Type: String

Possible values:

  • none = No exemption requested
  • transaction-risk-analysis = Fraud analysis has been done already by your own fraud module and transaction scored as low risk
  • low-value = Bellow 30 euros
  • whitelist = The cardholder has whitelisted you with their issuer

However, it is still up to the issuer whether an authentication process must take place. In case the issuer insists on 3DS, the transaction will be declined.

Transactions for which 3-D secure should be skipped can only be processed as authorisations (which will end up in status Pending Capture if they are successful). To receive the funds for these transactions, you will have to capture them at a later point. Successfully captured transaction will reach status Captured.

Use test cards

You can use the following test card to simulate a 3-D Secure registered card in our test environment:

Frictionless flow
Brand Card number / Expiry date
Visa 4186455175836497 / Any date in the future
MasterCard 5137009801943438 / Any date in the future
American Express 375418081197346 / Any date in the future
Challenge Flow
Brand Card number / Expiry date
Visa 4874970686672022 / Any date in the future
MasterCard 5130257474533310 / Any date in the future
American Express 379764422997381 / Any date in the future
More test cards numbers can be downloaded here.

If a transaction is blocked due to incorrect identification, the transaction result will be:

Status= Rejected