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The Direct API has been designed as a REST API. It uses the HTTP protocol as its foundation. Each resource is accessible under a clearly named URL and the HTTP response codes are used to relay status. HTTP Verbs like GET and POST are used to interact with the resources. To support accessibility by clients directly, as opposed to your server, our servers support cross-origin resource sharing. We use JSON for all of our payloads, including error messages

All these characteristics mean that you will be able to use standard off the shelf software to interact with our platform.

To help you get started the below documentation is richly annotated with ready to be used code examples for each of the SDKs as well as JSON examples. These examples can be used against our sandbox. If you haven’t already, please create an account now.

Server API

The server API enables merchants to access our platform functionality such as doing payments, starting hosted checkouts, creating tokens, and much more. All these calls require the caller to have a secret API key that merchants can look up in their Back Office.




returnUrl required

The field returnUrl is required for all card transactions using the create payment  API call. This is something we will change in one of our upcoming releases.