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This is a compact overview of all our available payment methods. It also contains the most important info at a glance (the unique paymentProductId and the payment method's availability for the APIs hostedCheckouts and Payments). They are grouped by their technical categorization in payment method objects as used in the API. This will help you get started with your integration.

Please also check out our extensive documentation for each payment method here and the available test cases here. It covers all the further details (step-by-step process flows, integration manual, testing data and much more) you need to know to take off with Ingenico Direct!

Payment ProductpaymentProductIdhostedCheckoutsPayments
American Express 2 Yes Yes
JCB 125 Yes Yes
Maestro 117 Yes Yes
MasterCard 3 Yes Yes
Visa 1 Yes Yes
Cpay 5100 Yes No
Payment ProductpaymentProductIdhostedCheckoutsPayments
PayPal 840 Yes Yes
iDEAL 809 Yes Yes
Illicado 3112 Yes No
OneyBrandedGiftCard 5600 Yes No
Payment ProductpaymentProductIdhostedCheckoutsPayments
Apple Pay 302 No Yes