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You can use this data to test your integration to our platform. Please make sure to use the exact amount / card number displayed in the tables to achieve the results as described in the column Actions.

Credit cards

Generic test cards

 Brand   Payment Product ID  Card number
Visa  1  4111111111111111
Visa 3-D Secure  1  4000000000000002
MasterCard  3  5399999999999999
MasterCard 3-D Secure  3  5300000000000006
American Express  2  374111111111111
American Express  2  371449635311004
Maestro  117 67030500000000002
JCB  125  3528798062014879
To provoke a declined transaction (StatusCode=2), send a request with any of the aforementioned Visa/MasterCard card numbers and the following values:
  • order.amountOfMoney.amount=1302
  • order.amountOfMoney.currencyCode=EUR
  • cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.authorizationMode=SALE

3-D Secure V2 Frictionless flow

 Brand   American Express  MasterCard  VISA Carte Bancaire
Successful (ECI=5)  375418081197346  5137009801943438  4330264936344675 4150557357382737
Not enrolled/proof of attempt (ECI=6)  376691390182618  5156400512420624  4450213273993630 4150551403657424
Rejected (ECI=91)  375392300827514  5168645305790452  4337328333414325 4150552528410004

3-D Secure V2 Challenge flow

 Brand   American Express  MasterCard  VISA Carte Bancaire
Successful (ECI=5)  379764422997381  5130257474533310  4874970686672022 4150550997933993
Not enrolled/proof of attempt (ECI=6)  379943305931143  5168693992589936  4839645466321180 4150555480415796
Rejected (ECI=91)  376632086941180  5144144373781246  4450022237973103 4150551453859136

Co-badged cards

Brand  Payment Product IDs   Card number
Bancontact (Maestro) 3012
Bancontact (Visa DEBIT) 3012
Carte Bancaire (Visa CREDIT) 130
Carte Bancaire (Visa DEBIT) 130
Carte Bancaire (MasterCard CREDIT) 130
Carte Bancaire (MasterCard DEBIT) 130
Carte Bancaire (Maestro) 130

Alternative payment methods

Apple Pay

We do not propose any testing card for ApplePay, as those cards are dedicated cards provided by Apple. To test this payment method, please refer to the information provided by Apple. Please be aware that we currently support Visa & MasterCard!


 Refused Success
Card number (3-D secure and co-badged with Maestro 67030500000000127 67030500000000002


To perform test transactions, please contact Limonetik to get a test account. 

  • Card number: 9250004780000044623
  • Password: 081
  • Banking card number: 2507264734782317 (to be used for paying remaining amounts)
  • Any cryptogram
  • Any expiry date

As the funds on the card are indeed blocked by authorisations / payment, please do not forget to refund transactions.


There are two ways to test your integration:

  • 1. Using our internal PayPal simulator, you can perform test transactions with PayPal from your test account.
    Note that it is an internal simulator. Your transactions do not reach PayPal. Please contact the Support team to configure your account accordingly.
Action Refused Success
Authorization € 13.04 € 10.00
Sale € 13.02 € 10.00
  • 2. Using PayPal Sandbox, you can perform transactions with PayPal from your test account. Please contact the Support team to configure your account accordingly.