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You can process transactions via both integration modes Hosted Checkout Page and Server-to-server. Add the following properties to a standard CreateHostedCheckout or CreatePayment request:

Properties Remarks



PaymentProductId: Depending on your chosen integration mode, our platform will process your request as follows:

  • Hosted Checkout Page: Our platform sends your customers directly to the Bizum portal
  • Server-to-server: Our platform sends a response containing a MerchantAction object. Its property ActionType=REDIRECT instructs you to redirect your customers to the Bizum portal via MerchantAction.RedirectData.RedirectURL 

returnURL: The URL we redirect your customers to after the payment has been finalised

requiresApproval: Set to "true" or "false" depending on whether you want to process payments in authorisation/direct sale mode

If you set this property to "true", make sure to capture the transaction later via the Merchant Portal or a CapturePayment request. Only then will the transaction have status="CAPTURED" / statusOutput.statusCategory="COMPLETED" / statusOutput.statusCode=9, for which you receive the actual payment for the transaction

Find detailed information about this object and its properties in our HostedCheckout API and CreatePayment API.

A typical request looks like this: