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Redirect your customers to the Limonetik payment portal via our Hosted Checkout Page.

Add the following properties to a standard CreateHostedCheckout request:

Properties Remarks


Your customer’s e-mail address


Instructions to our platform for the redirection to the Limonetik payment portal

Find detailed information about this object and its properties in our Hosted Checkout API.

A typical request looks like this:

  "order": {
    "amountOfMoney": {
      "currencyCode": "EUR",
      "amount": 10000
    "customer": {
      "contactDetails": {
        "emailAddress": ""
    "references": {
      "merchantReference": "mr_{{TIMESTAMP}}"
  "hostedCheckoutSpecificInput": {
    "locale": "pt_PT"
  "redirectPaymentMethodSpecificInput": {
    "requiresApproval": true,
    "paymentProductId": 5500