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  • Is it possible to refund more than 100% of the original transaction?

    This is not possible.

  • When can a transaction be refunded?

    You can refund a transaction when it has reached status 9 - payment requested. Please note that the refund option for this payment method is only available in Full Service

  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts for a single transaction?

    Minimum amount is 1 EURO. There is no maximum amount per transaction

  • Do you need to undergo a boarding process with iDEAL?

    Worldline does need to provide information to iDEAL about you, in order for them to ascertain your business is not in contradiction with Dutch law and iDEAL policies.

  • Do you require a separate contract with iDEAL?

    We will arrange that you are registered in the iDEAL system. There is no need to sign a separate contract with iDEAL.

  • Are iDEAL payments done in real-time?

    iDEAL payments are real-time. After selecting their bank, the consumer is redirected to the bank’s iDEAL portal and has to provide approval for the transaction. The result of the payment is reported back to the merchant.

  • Can iDEAL payments be reversed by the consumer?

    iDEAL payment are irreversible (no chargebacks possible).