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Process flows

  1. Your customers finalise an order in your shop and select Multibanco
  2. You send this CreateHostedCheckout request to our platform
  3. You redirect your customers to the Limonetik portal via the partialRedirectUrl. It provides all necessary information to your customers to make the actual payment at a later point (step 6)
  4. We receive the intermediate transaction result (statusOutput.statusCode=51)
  5. We redirect your customer to your returnUrl
  6. You request the intermediate transaction result (statusOutput.statusCode=51) from our platform via GetPayment or receive the result via webhooks
  7. Within the predefined period, your customers make the actual payment at an ATM of Multibanco network by either credit card or cash
  8. Multibanco confirms the receipt of payment to us. We update the transaction to statusOutput.statusCode=5  
  9. You request the final transaction result (statusOutput.statusCode=51 or 2) from our platform via GetPayment or receive the result via webhooks
  10. If the transaction was successful, you can deliver the goods / services
  • The predefined payment period is 2 – 3 days. You can adapt the duration by consulting Limonetik
  • Only send the goods/services after we have updated the transaction to StatusCode=5. Use our webhooks or a GetPayment request to get the current status in realtime
  • If Multibanco does not confirm the receipt of payment within the predefined period, we update the transaction to StatusCode=2