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Payment group: Mobile
Payment product id: 863

WeChat Pay is a Chinese payment feature integrated into the WeChat app offered by the French acquirer Limonetik. More than 650 million customers use it at least once a month for easy and quick smartphone payments. As a cross-border payment method, it supports any currency you would like to offer. Your customers pay in CNY, but you will receive the payout in any currency of your choice.  

The integration is very easy and enables your customers to pay swiftly: You send only one additional parameter (your customers’ e-mail address) along with your request. You can offer your customers to pay via scanning a QR code on our Hosted Checkout page or use their mobile app. 

Your customers need a wallet in the WeChat application linked to a Chinese bank account.

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Key benefits

  • Very popular with users in Asia
  • Frictionless payment experience with minimum amount of steps
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Allows refunds